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Robinson Pipe & Vessel Delivers Project Peace of Mind

The ability to create a variety of pressure vessels and piping systems in virtually any configuration is just part of what makes Robinson Pipe & Vessel one of the premier suppliers in the United States.

The expertise of our engineers, project managers and production team members differentiates us from other manufacturers. Our customers appreciate the fact they can communicate directly with the people making their products from concept through factory acceptance testing.

Just one partner, dedicated to excellence throughout the organization.

Need a turnkey solution for your project?

Where are you in the design process?

Having specialists on staff at each step in the design and production process provides distinct advantages for our customers. The Robinson Pipe & Vessel team can take your project through to completion regardless of where you are in the process:

    • You have a data sheet, general arrangement or P&IDs.
    • You have everything designed. We have the expertise to bring your design full circle.

Even if you have everything designed and set to go, our engineers will ensure the project is optimized for manufacturability and top performance.

Is your current supplier capable of taking your project from the design phase through factory acceptance testing? Contact us to discuss your project’s requirements.

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About Us

As a dedicated unit of Robinson Metal Inc., Robinson Pipe & Vessel stands apart from many metal fabricators who specialize in only piping or vessel fabrication. Our team of specialists works collaboratively with your process engineers to deliver peace of mind that your project is done right the first time.

  • 185,000 square-foot facility
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • Onsite Safety Coordinator
  • Customer Relationship

Our Projects


skid fabrication

04 Sep

Skid fabrication brings pressure vessels and tanks online faster

Fully integrated skid fabrication services provide pressure vessel and piping fabrication projects with a clear path to installation that jump-start operations and maximize return on investment.

filtrations vessel fabrication

01 May

Filtration vessel fabrication includes mobile and permanent solutions

The water filtration vessel fabrication industry is filled with shops that are capable of providing quality metal fabrication services.

Robinson ASME pressure vessel

06 Feb

Safety Is at the Heart of ASME Pressure Vessel Construction

A commitment to following American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) standards is the first step in achieving a high level of safety in pressure vessel performance.

Our expertise from concept through factory acceptance testing sets us apart.